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Contact MinnSARDA 24/7 by calling Anoka County Central Communications at (763) 427-1212

When you call, please have available:

    • Call back number for you or the search manager;
    • Approximate location of the search, e.g., nearest town or other major landmark, and the name of the county where the search will be conducted;
    • Short description of the type of search, e.g., missing person, drowning, etc.;
    • Short description of the subject’s characteristics, e.g., age, health condition, etc.;
    • Place and time the subject was last seen (if known);
    • Approximate size of the area(s) to be searched; and
    • Description of the current weather conditions at the scene.

A MinnSARDA representative will call you back as soon as possible.

Use the above contact information whether you want to call us to come on a mission or to inquire whether MinnSARDA dogs and handlers would be suitable and available for your search. For NON-EMERGENCY issues and general information, please click on “Contact Us” and see the bottom of the page for additional ways to contact MinnSARDA.


*For training and event/demo inquiries, email, or call 763-441-3734.

*For social media and website inquiries, email


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